Title: The Effect Of Antioxidants On Human Health

Key words: cancer, arthritis, ageing, cardiovascular disease, blood, immune system, allergy, ophthalmology, gastrointestinal disease, musculoskeletal system, skin

Date: Oct 2000

Category: 15. Materia Medica

Type: Article

Author: Dr M Draper



The Effect Of Antioxidants On Human Health


A. Reduce risk and/or severity of


        Heart disease


        Oxidative stress and accelerated ageing

        Free radical related diseases


B. Cardiovascular

        Strengthen blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries

        Maintain proper capillary permeability

        Reduce capillary fragility and bruising

        Reduce varicose veins

        Reduce oedema and swelling of the legs


C. Blood and Immune system

        Improve red blood cell membrane flexibility and recovery

        Enhance immune response

        Reduce frequency and severity of colds and other viral illnesses


D. Allergies

        Very effective against hay fever

        Reduce the strength of allergic reactions


E. Ophthalmology

        Reduce retinopathies, including Diabetic retinopathy

        Help prevent capillary bleeding, floaters

        Help prevent formation of senile cataracts


F. Gastrointestinal

        Help heal stomach ulcers

        Reduce inflammation in the digestive tract

        Improve food intolerance and allergies


G. Musculoskeletal

        Improve joint flexibility

        Reduce inflammation in joints so pain and swelling improve

        Reduce the severity of sports injuries

        Improve muscle function and recovery


H. Skin Health

        Improve skin elasticity

        Improve skin healing

        Effective adjunct in psoriasis and eczema

        Protect against sun damage