Title: Citrus Fruit Exclusion Diet

Key words: citrus fruits, citric acid, Vitamin C, avoidance, supplementation, E-numbers,

Date: May 2001

Category: Special diets

Type: Article

Author: Dr M Draper



The major risk with avoiding Citrus Fruits is that your diet may become too low in vitamin C. Vitamin C can be obtained from almost any fresh fruit and vegetables. If you intend to obtain the vitamin C largely from vegetables then eat them raw or very lightly cooked.

CITRUS FRUITS. The whole fruit or just the juice, the skin,or the flavour may be used in manufacturing. The avoidance of citrus fruits often means the avoidance of citric acid as well. It is largely a question of reading labels and a general guideline for citrus fruit avoidance is given below. Citrus fruits, include, orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, tangerine, satsuma, clementine.

Some E numbers include the inclusion of citrus and products should be avoided where these E numbers are listed on the label. E330, E331, E332, E333, E334, E440(A), E450(B), E472(C).

Foods to avoid (not a complete list)



Sweet and confectionery

Ice cream


Candied peel

Fruit squashes and drinks

Fruit juice-canned, frozen, or in cartons Cakes, biscuits,cookies




Flavoured yoghurts

Angostura bitters




Lemon tea

Oil/lemon salad dressing

Fish and poultry dishes

Marinade for kebabs

Sweet and sour sauce

Orange flower water


Lemon barley water

Bioflavanoid supplements unless synthetic

Citrus flavoured toothpaste

The recommended daily vitamin C intake is only 60mg. If you wish to supplement this, it is easy to do so as Vit C is available in almost every pharmacy and health food shop. Remember to take a citric acid free supplement.