Title: Egg exclusion diet

Key words:

Date: May 2001

Category: Special diets

Type: Article

Author: Dr M Draper



Hen's eggs are a frequent and important consituent in the average diet. Some people are only sensitive to egg white, others to egg yolk and some to battery-fed hens but not free range and so on.

All birds are the same. However, it is the protein found mainly in the yolk which causes the bulk of all 'egg intolerances'. All the different types of birds which lay eggs have the same proteins in their eggs, so it is probable that an egg-intolerant person would have problems with duck eggs, goose eggs etc.

Eggs provide protein, fat, calcium, vitamins A and D and traces of B vitamins as will as iron. Eggs are also the largest source of cholesterol.

Replacements. The nutrients provided by eggs can easily be replaced by fish, meat, or liver. Or, for vegetarians, dairy products, nuts and yeast and yeast extract( assuming no intolerances to these items ).


Foods to avoid ( not a complete list )





Eggs in any form

Whole egg replacer

Cakes & Pastries made with egg


Custards, icing, souffles of ice cream


Pasta made with egg

Egg free pasta

Beef and hamburgers


Malted drinks


Sausages, meat loaf, fish cakes


Egg glazes, mayonnaise, soups,sauces

Egg free mayonnaise

Albumen (egg white)

For binders, use grated apple, pectin or methyl cellulose



Be careful in restaurants if you have to eat out




Yorkshire pudding & batter mixes





For setting,use gelatin or vegetarian gelling agents



Instant and restaurant-produced mashed potato


Egg lecithin-enriched margarines ( but usually from soya sources)

Vegan Margarines