Title: Nutritional Definitions

Key words: RDA, RDI, EAR, RNI, LRNI, DRV

Date: July 2000

Category: 16. Directory

Type: Article

Author: Dr van Rhijn



RDA: Recommended Daily Amount - The average amount of the nutrient, which should be provided per head of a group of people if the needs of practically all members of the group are to be met. (Average for a group of people).

RDI: Recommended Daily Intake - The amounts sufficient, or more than sufficient, for the nutritional needs of practically all healthy persons in a population. (Food as actually eaten).

EAR: Estimated Average Requirement - (mean) of a group for a particular nutrient or for energy.

RNI: Reference Nutrient Intake - The amount of a nutrient (mean + 2SD), which is sufficient for almost all individuals. It exceeds the requirement of most people and habitual intakes above RNI are almost certain to be adequate.

LRNI: Lowest Recommended Nutrient Intake The amount of a nutrient or energy (mean – 2SD), which is sufficient for only a few individuals. Habitual intakes below the LRNI by an individual will almost certainly be inadequate.

DRV: Dietary Reference Values - A general term (statistical concept), which covers all the figures of EAR, RNI, and LRNI. It includes guidance on high intakes, and is presented as average requirements for the population as a whole.