Title: Nutrition Matters - Our Aims

Key words: forum, practitioners, information, advice, nutritional medicine nutritional status, guidelines, recommendations

Date: Oct 2000

Category: Directory/Free files

Type: Article

Author: Dr M Draper




The aim of our site is to provide up to date research into nutritional medicine and to provide links with other groups/sites that have data on related health issues.

We hope that as the database develops and the site becomes more widely used that the forum will provide practitioners and people with information that will rapidly advance nutritional strategies to improve the health of people with specific and non-specific illnesses.

The new topics that appear on the site will be, in part, based upon requests from practitioners for specific information on areas of popular interest.

We hope, therefore, to develop advice that can be implemented easily to help to bring about the desired improvements in health for the greatest number of people.

It has become apparent that, when dealing with nutritional medicine, there are broader environmental issues that should also be considered. The changing patterns of disease in certain populations can highlight environmental influences on health and we consider it important to include this information explicitly, or to provide links to other sites that can deliver to interested subscribers the appropriate ideas or evidence.

For example, it is our hypothesis that the nutritional status of an individual can affect his ability to deal with infectious agents and/or chemical substances, such as pesticide residues, in food.

Articles of a more general nature will occasionally appear on the site. These will usually represent the opinions of generalists or experts who will extrapolate or hypothesise using a broader database of experience.

We consider that this input is a vital part of raising awareness of the current health issues. Inevitably, data will not always be available to irrefutably confirm or condemn these ideas or guidelines and they represent suggestions of how we should act now until further research becomes available. The guidelines or recommendations will therefore change as new data becomes available. We hope you will be a part of this evolutionary process.