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Document Summary
Title Disease: The physical manifestation of an imbalance
Description One doctor's view of how disease is caused by an imbalance between physical, social, emotional and other factors.
Creation Date 01 May 2003
Doc type Article
Document Abstract:
Disease arises as the result of an imbalance within our own system due to an accumulation of aggravating factors, both from within and from without. These influences are all at work all of the time and are not isolated links. Smoking does not cause lung cancer; alcohol does not cause liver failure; stress does not cause a stomach or duodenal ulcer; and a cold virus does not cause a cold. All outside influences come together with all inside influences at any given moment in time to produce a final balance. It is our individual ability of coping with the whole sum total of these factors at that particular moment in time, positive and negative ones, that will determine whether or not we become ill.
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