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Who We Are: Brief Biographies
Senior Lecturer
Dr Paul Clayton

Senior Lecturer and Nutrition Matters Course Research Director.

paul clayton

Graduated Summa cum Laude in Medical Pharmacology @ Edinburgh
University, PhD in neuropharmacology (‘72 - ‘76)

Senior scientific adviser to Committee on Safety of Medicines (‘77 -

Worked in various areas of science popularisation; wrote and directed science TV (inc Horizon); worked as health editor and journalist for many magazines and newspapers; trained the majority of UK high street pharmacists in nutritional pharmacology.

Hold several patents in areas of nutraceutical medicine, vetinary
medicine and processing technology.

Consultant to many companies in areas of food, functional foods and nutraceuticals; including well known high street names, multinationals, in UK, N America, Europe and Japan. Currently consulting with one national government, and designing range of functional foods for major multiple retailer.

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