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Library - Subject Index
The Cell Structure and function, homeostasis
Macronutrients Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre
Micronutrients Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, lipids, fatty acids, antioxidants
Food Data Nutritional content, enumbers guide, additives and active substances
Food and the Environment Socio-economic and geographical factors, farming methods, toxicity
The Body Organs, glands, skeleton, and structural systems
The Mind The nervous system, diet and behaviour, eating disorders
The Gut Digestion and absorption, diet and the gastro-intestinal tract, leaky gut syndrome, dysbiosis
Weight Management Diets, obesity, weight loss, enteral and parenteral feeding
Reproduction Male and female fertility, Selenium & sperm count, pregnancy preconception care, contraceptives, B6
Life Changes Changing needs from birth to old age, male and female menopause, adolescence
Sports Exercise and training, nutritional requirements for specific activities
Specific Conditions Cardiovascular, diabetes, skin conditions, ulcerative colitis etc., cancer
Measurements Clinical assessments and laboratory analysis
Materia Medica Pharmacopoeia, Phytochemicals, interactions
Special Diets Specific diets
Food Intolerance/Allergy Food allergy, food intolerance
Miscellaneous Nutrient suppliers, practitioners, useful contacts, laboratory facilities, glossary
Sample Documents Free-to-view sample articles
Health Information Series Health Information Sheets for Individual Health Care
Book Reviews Reviews of relevant publications
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