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Document Summary
Title The role of carbohydrates in the care of people with type II diabetes who are obese
Description Management of Type II diabetes with an emphasis on carbohydrate intake
Creation Date 20 October 2006
Doc type Article
Document Abstract:
Weight reduction remains central to diabetic management. Low calorie diets, regardless of their carbohydrate, saturated or unsaturated fat levels, have led to reductions in hyperglycaemia, insulin secretion and dyslipidaemia. Fat intakes above 40% of total energy consumption have been linked to adiposity and type 2 diabetes, but similar associations have been made with high carbohydrate diets. Fat and carbohydrate consumption are inversely correlated so avoidance of either of these dietary extremes is essential in diabetic management. Fat intake has been increasingly restricted in diabetic protocols over the last 50 years with a corresponding increase in carbohydrate consumption.
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