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Document Summary
Title Potential weaknesses of vitamin E trials
Description Discusses the antioxidant paradox re cardiovascular disease, dietary lack of antioxidants and poor results from supplementation studies
Creation Date 26 October 2006
Doc type Article
Document Abstract:
Vitamin E has been shown to be the most powerful of the investigated antioxidants and an inverse relationship between plasma vitamin E levels and cardiovascular disease has been confirmed in cross-cultural surveys (Gey 1991). In spite of much observational and laboratory work indicating a protective role of antioxidants in atherosclerosis, large trials throughout the world have failed to show a similar consistently beneficial effect of vitamin E supplementation. Given the design of these trials how are we to interpret this so-called ‘antioxidant paradox’ (Halliwell 2000)? A number of points that need to be made are reviewed here.
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